Rev 1/15/2016

Rev 1/15/2016


I.                   NAME:


II.                PURPOSE:

The purpose of this organization is to work for excellence in the conduct and participation of high school track and field and cross country in South Carolina.

III.             MEMBERSHIP:

A.    Membership is open to members of the South Carolina Athletic Coaches Association.

B.     Members must observe the rules established by the S.C. High School League (SCHSL) or S.C. Independent Schools Association (SCISA), depending on which league the school is a member of.

C.     Dues are $10.00 to be paid when joining the SCACA.

D.    Dues are renewable on the date of the coaches’ clinic.


A.    The Secretary/Treasurer will maintain records of all income and expenditures.  These records will be made available to any member upon request.

B.     The Secretary/Treasurer will distribute a written report of all current income and expenditures to all members at both semi-annual meetings of the SCTCCCA.

C.     Expenditures of up to $250 may be approved by the President.  Expenditures of $251 – $500 must be approved by a majority vote of the officers.  Expenditures of $501 and over must be approved by a majority vote of the Association.

D.    The Treasurer may pay all normal bills incurred by the Association resulting from the Coaches Classic Cross Country and Track & Field Meets and the State Cross Country and Track & Field Meets.

E.     Each year the Association will make a donation of $2500 to the Bettis Herlong Scholarship Fund.

V.        OFFICERS:

A.                Officers are elected to serve two year terms.

1.      Presidential elections will occur during the SCTCCCA winter business meeting in even years. The ‘Newly Elected’ President will not take over the duties until after the SCTCCCA summer business meetings. This will serve as a transitional periods with the out-going and in-coming president to work side by side.

2.      Vice President Elections will occur every two years during the SCTCCCA summer business meetings, with 5A, 3A & 1A occurring in even years, and 4A & 2 A occurring in odd years.

3.      Any V.P. vacancy left by the newly elected president will be filled by appointment by the newly elected president for the remainder of the Vice-President’s term.

B.                 Any officer, once elected, who cannot or will not finish his term will be replaced by the president.  If the president does not fulfill his term, the vice-presidents will elect one of the 4 vice-presidents to finish his term.

C.                 President:

1.      Oversees the operation of the association.

2.      Conducts business at the meetings of the association.

3.      Coordinates the efforts of the vice presidents.

4.      Is responsible for the conduct of the Coaches Classic Cross Country Meet, the Coaches Classic Track & Field Meet and State Track and

Cross Country Meets.

5.      Appoints Secretary/Treasurer, Historian, and At-Large Officer

6.      Appoints committees.

7.      The President will be selected from one of the five vice presidents. If none of the Vice Presidents are willing to run then nominees may be taken from the Association at large.

D.                Vice Presidents:

1.      There will be five (5) vice presidents.  One representing each classification: A, AA, AAA, AAAA, AAAAA. If no one from any one classification is willing to run then a member from another classification may be elected to fill that spot.

2.      Duties of the vice presidents:

a)      Responsible for getting information to the coaches in their respective classifications.

b)      Responsible for coordinating the officials who will work the

State Meets.

c)      The Vice President’s will submit three names to the President to be given to the SCACA for the Coach of the Year award from the SCACA.

d)      Conduct their respective classification meeting at the two annual association meetings.

e)      Special duties as assigned by the President.

E.                 Treasurer:

1.      Notify members of scheduled meetings.

2.      Handle correspondence.

3.      Handle all the organization’s finances.

4.      Prepares financial reports and project annual budget.

5.      Keep record of income and expenses (sends copy of SCACA).

6.      Obtain awards for the Coaches Classic Track & Field and Cross Country Meets.

7.      This position is appointed by the President.

F.         Secretary:

1.  Keep and read the minutes.

2.  File copies of committee reports.

3.  This position is appointed by the President

G.       Historian:

1.      Maintain a computer record of all association officers.

2.      Maintain a computer record of all association Coaches of the Year.

3.      Maintain a computer record of all Hall of Fame members.

4.      Develop and update a top 25 list for the association website for each of the following:

a)  South Carolina track and field events.

b)      South Carolina cross country events.

c)  Coaches Classic Track & Field Meet.

d)  Coaches Classic Cross Country Meet.

5.      Set up and maintain archives of Coaches Classic Track and Cross Country Meets for Association website.

6.      Obtain and present awards to Association Coaches of the Year.

7.      Obtain awards for State Record setters.

8.      Present a synopsis of changes to the National Federation Rules at the winter meeting of the Association.

9.      This position is appointed by the President.

H.         At-Large Officer:

1.  Assists President with purchases, pick-ups, returns, etc.

2.  Fills in for other officers that cannot attend a meet/meeting.

3.  This position is appointed by the President.


May be appointed by the President or elected by the membership.


Amendments may be made by a vote of the majority of those members present at the summer and winter clinics if submitted to the President 30 days in advance.


There will be at least two meetings per year: during the summer SCACA meeting and a winter/January meeting.  An emergency meeting of the organization may be called only by a unanimous vote of all officers.


This constitution, with its by-laws and amendments, must adhere to all rules and regulations of the South Carolina High School League.  Where there is a conflict, League rules will prevail.  All new business to be presented at the semi-annual SCTCCCA Business Meetings should be presented to the Association President 30 days prior to the meeting. New business submitted 30 days in advance will pass will a simple majority vote of the members present. Any business presented after the 30 day mark or at the business meeting itself must have 75% of the vote to pass.

A coach MUST be present at the SCTCCCA meeting in order to present a proposal.


A.                Cross Country:

The top fifteen athletes in each race at the State Cross Country Championships will be declared all-state.

B.                 Track and Field:

The winner at the state meet of each event, each classification; plus any athlete/relay that equals or betters the All-State Performance List at the State meet (regardless of classification) will be All-State. This list will be updated and published yearly by a committee.


The coach of the winning team at the state meet (for both Track and Cross Country) will be declared coach of the year for each classification, provided he/she is a member of this association.  If the coach is not a member, then the award will go to the coach of the second place team, and then the third place team, if needed.  If none of the top three teams have coaches that are members, then no award will be given.

NOTE:  Coaches must be members of the SCTCCCA by September 1st of that current school year in order to be considered for the XC COY awards that go along with winning the XC State Championship (and for ACOY XC awards).  Similarly, coaches must be members by December 1st of that current school year in order to be considered for the Track & Field COY awards that go along with winning a Track & Field State Championship (and for ACOY Track & Field awards).


An Assistant Coach of the Year in both Cross Country and Track and Field will    be selected annually by the association.  Nominations may be made by any          member and should be sent to the Association President.  Any nominee must be a    member of the Association.  Coaches must be re-nominated each year.  Current            nominations will be voted on by the Association officers.  The ACOY for Cross    Country will be selected at the Winter Meeting and the Track ACOY will be       elected at the Summer Meeting.  Results will be announced and the award       presented at the subsequent meeting.


The top seniors from the state cross country championships will be selected to run the game ball by a group of coaches selected by this association.  The association will select the assistant shrine bowl coach by vote at the cross country coaches meeting at the summer clinic. Selection is from applications submitted by athlete/coaches prior to the State CC Championships.

NOTE:  If all necessary items for the Mike Moore Shrine Bowl Game Ball Run are donated, then the SCTCCCA will donate $1200 to the Shriners’ Hospital in memory/honor of a past coach.


Each year, at the Coaches Classic Track Meet, the SCTCCCA will present the

TFOA, up to a maximum of 2 officials. These officials may not be an active track coach in South Carolina. Recipients will be selected by the SCTCCCA HOF Selection Committee when it meets at the summer clinic.