Bob Jenkins Coaches Classic Payment Confirmation Page

Schools that paid for2017 XC Classic are automatically PAID for2018 XC Classic.
(Oconee County)
Contact Dave Lee ASAP! provide PO number as proof.
Academic MagnetPaid Full (9.6.17)FullFull
AC FloraPaid Full (9.1.17)FullFull
AikenPaid Full (8.25.17)FullFull
Ashley RidgePaid Full (8.25.17)FullFull
BarnwellPaid Full (9.1.17)FullFull
Battery CreekPaid Full (10.2.17)FullFull
BeaufortPaid Full (8.25.17)FullFull
Bishop EnglandPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
Blue RidgePaid Full (8.16.17)FullFull
BlufftonPaid Full (8.30.17)FullFull
BlythewoodPaid Full (9.18.17)FullFull
Boiling SpringsPaid Full (8.25.17)FullFull
Brookland CaycePaid $25 (9.5.17)01
BroomePaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
ByrnesPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
CamdenPaid Full (9.1.17)FullFull
Cane BayPaid Full (8.29.17)FullFull
Cardinal NewmanPaid Full (8.25.17)FullFull
Carolina HomeschoolPaid Full (8.29.17)FullFull
CentralPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
ChapinPaid Full (9.6.17)FullFull
ChesneePaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
Christ ChurchPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
CloverPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
Colleton CountyPaid Full (9.6.17)FullFull
DanielPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
DarlingtonPaid Full (8.16.17)FullFull
DormanPaid Full (9.6.17)FullFull
Dutch ForkPaid Full (8.29.17)FullFull
EastsidePaid Full (8.17.17)FullFull
EmeraldPaid Full (9.1.17)FullFull
Fairfield CentralPaid Full (8.29.17)FullFull
Fort DorchesterPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
Fort MillPaid Full (9.1.17)FullFull
GilbertPaid Full (8.25.17)FullFull
Governor's SchoolPaid $25 (9.5.17)10
Greenville Tech CharterPaid Full (9.1.17)FullFull
GreerPaid Full (8.22.17)FullFull
Greer Middle College CharterPaid Full (9.1.17)FullFull
HammondPaid $90 (9.5.17)Full0
HanahanPaid Full (8.28.17)FullFull
Heathwood HallPaid Full (9.1.17)FullFull
HillcrestPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
Hilton HeadPaid Full (8.25.17)FullFull
Indian LandPaid Full (8.17.17)FullFull
IrmoPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
James IslandPaid Full (8.16.17)FullFull
JL MannPaid Full (8.29.17)FullFull
KeenanPaid Full (8.16.17)FullFull
LandrumPaid Full (9.6.17)FullFull
LexingtonPaid Full (8.16.17)FullFull
LugoffPaid Full (9.6.17)FullFull
MauldinPaid Full (9.5.17)
Disputed and finalized (3.20.18)
May RiverPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
Ninety SixPaid Full (8.31.17)FullFull
North Myrtle BeachPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
NorthwesternPaid Full (8.29.17)FullFull
PAC PanthersPaid Full (8.29.17)FullFull
PalmettoPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
Palmetto Scholars AcademyPaid $25 (9.5.17)10
Philip SimmonsPaid Full (8.29.17)FullFull
Pinewood PrepPaid Full (9.1.17)FullFull
Richland NortheastPaid Full (9.6.17)FullFull
Richland One Midd. Coll.Paid Full (8.16.17)FullFull
Ridge ViewPaid Full (8.17.17)FullFull
RiversidePaid Full (8.16.17)FullFull
Rock HillPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
SaludaPaid $25 (9.5.17)10
SenecaPaid Full (8.16.17)FullFull
SocasteePaid Full (9.1.17)FullFull
South AikenPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
South PointePaid Full (8.25.17)FullFull
Southside ChristianPaid Full (8.31.17)FullFull
SpartanburgPaid Full (8.29.17)FullFull
Spartanburg ChristianPaid Full (8.29.17)FullFull
Spartanburg Day SchoolPaid Full (8.25.17)FullFull
Spring ValleyPaid Full (8.16.17)FullFull
St. JamesPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
St. Joseph'sPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
StratfordPaid Full (8.29.17)FullFull
SummervillePaid Full (8.31.17)FullFull
Thomas Sumter AcademyPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
TL HannaPaid Full (8.29.17)FullFull
Travelers RestPaid Full (8.29.17)FullFull
Union CountyPaid Full (9.6.17)FullFull
Wade Hampton (G)Paid Full (8.25.17)FullFull
Wade Hampton (V)Paid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
WandoPaid Full (8.25.17)FullFull
West FlorencePaid Full (8.29.17)FullFull
Whale BranchPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
WilsonPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
WoodmontPaid Full (9.6.17)FullFull
WoodruffPaid Full (9.5.17)FullFull
WrenPaid Full (8.25.17)FullFull
York Prep. AcademyPaid Full (8.29.17)FullFull
Northwood AcademyNOT PAID
2017 entry fee refund mailed to school (10.3.17)
SouthsideNOT PAID
2017 entry fee refund mailed to school (10.3.17)
Wilson HallNOT PAID
2017 entry fee refund mailed to school (9.14.17)